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I use the common terminology of Small, Medium, Large, X Large and 2X Large. Not every journey stone is available in every size. Take a look at each item to see if it’s available and whether it’s backordered or not. All sizes on the site are approximate as shapes vary and images throughout the site are for example only, so please choose a size that works for you. Your rock will be hand-picked based on the size you choose. All measurements are in inches. Generally speaking, the sizes are:

  • Small: approx. 1¼ – 1½” by 1¾ – 2″
  • Medium: approx.  1¾ – 2″ by 2¼ – 2½”
  • Large: approx. 2 – 2½” by 2¾ – 3″
  • X Large: approx. 2¾ – 3″ by 3¼ – 3½”
  • 2X Large: approx. 3¾ – 4″ by 4¼ – 4½”

Here’s a visual aid to help you out:

Rock Size Chart

Wrapped rocks should be handled with care if you want them to last. Please understand these are not toys and please instruct others, especially children, not to handle them, as they may become unraveled by curious fingers! Also, it is not advisable to leave the rocks outside. If the wrapping ever comes undone, a dab of transparent super glue should do the trick. If your rock becomes unraveled please let me know so I can help you fix it.

To clean your Journey Stones, carefully (!) wipe them with a dry cloth.

Yes, I offer multiple types of custom orders including unique and special designs, wrapping rocks you already have and love, and by providing artistic commissions. Let’s collaborate on creating the space you truly love! You’ll find me easy to work with and able to fit most budgets.

Contact me and we’ll see how we can best work together.

Of course! The rock and stones I use have been recycled from the earth! In most cases, I use recycled boxes too.

Besides being a perfect altar stone for meditation, I’ve seen so many different uses that I wouldn’t have imagined. Spas and salons might find that it brings a peaceful (and curious!) element at the front desk as guests check in. There’s an interior designer (who services the Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico areas) that places them onto tabletops, inside of baskets, on shelves, and amongst other natural elements such as dried floral arrangements and in groupings. It’s a perfect alternative to giving flowers to friends and family as a way to memorialize a loved one or to celebrate a special event. One of my current favorites is in someones office as a paperweight. In addition to being a practical workplace aid, paperweights are thoughtful presents for clients, customers, and coworkers.

Please contact me if you want a one-of-a-kind rock that is almost comparable to one you see but it isn’t currently available.

Shhh…it’s a surprise!

You will see a specific message for items in stock and as well as items that can be ordered but placed on a backorder based on the quantity ordered. Backorders are not available for all items, so check the item, size, and color before ordering.

If a item can be backordered, please allow 1 – 3 weeks for these items that are not immediately in stock.

Wholesalers and stockists should contact me directly for all items, including products that show they are backordered.

Any major credit card may be used to make a payment on the website. It’s hassle-free, safe, and secure.

I also accept other forms of payment. Please contact me if you would like to pay via PayPal, Venmo, or a cryptocurrency.

I am serious when I say that customer satisfaction is very important to me, therefore if you have any problems with your rocks, please contact me within 14 days of receiving them and I will do everything I can to help you.

For refunds, simply contact us within 7 days of receiving the goods to return it in its original condition with all accompanying accessories and packaging, as well as the original receipt (or gift receipt), and we will swap it or reimburse you using the original payment method.

One-of-a-kind items, gift cards, and custom orders are not eligible for return or exchange.

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